Is that kid over there really a f**kboy?

The side effects of being a f**kboy and being called one.

4 months ago

Welcome back to For the Boys, a podcast for the boys, by the boys. In this episode I sit down and have a discussion with Ian Hollinger about how quickly a guy might be labeled as a fckboy and how that affects someone. We also go through a lot of the other troubles a guys goes through during highschool and how it might be troubling on their mental health. As always if you disagree or agree feel free to DM me on instagram or twitter @fortheboys_pod and I'd love to have a conversation. If you need someone to talk too or if you have a problem don't be scared to DM me, my DM's are always open. I am not a professional therapist or worker. These are all just my opinions. If you are in immediate danger contact the authorities. *

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